The inauguration of The Renewable Wind Energy Park "Selac 1,2,3"

The inauguration of The Renewable Wind Energy Park "Selac 1,2,3"

March 11th, The Renewable Wind Energy Park "Selac 1,2,3" located in the mountain of Bajgora village near the city of Mitrovica was inaugurated on Friday with a capacity of 105 MW by using 27 WTG (Wind turbine generator) as a step towards green energy.

The construction works started in July 2019 and ended in December 2021, where Alb-Architect provided supervision services under the title Owner’s Engineer.

The scope of services was divided into three main tasks:
-Construction Management and Supervision,
-Commissioning, Certification of Performance and Reliability Tests,
-Warranty Surveillance.

Alb-Architect was also in charge of conducting a pre-construction detailed design review and examining the project's detailed design documents to check that they meet the requirements of the Contract and the Minimum Functional Specifications / Employer's Requirements. The process addressed all project disciplines, as well as Civil, Electrical, Geotechnical, mechanical and all other design documentation, instrumentation & control, SCADA, architectural/landscaping, firefighting, water, sewage as well as Environmental, Quality, and Health and Safety interfaces.
Alb-Architect provided a professional opinion in this regard to the Client and identified any areas of shortcoming. 

Bajgora will represent about 10 percent of the country’s installed capacity and avoid 247,000 tons of CO2 a year, making a significant contribution to climate change mitigation.

This project is the largest electricity plant constructed in Kosovo since the 1980s and represents a major step forward in Kosovo’s Energy Transition.