New consultancy services in Tirana, Albania.


On August 25, 2021, a contract was signed between the United Nations Office for Project Services (“UNOPS”) and the consortium Alb-Architect L.L.C & ACTI L.L.C for the Provision of Consultancy for Design Services for Emergency COVID-19 Response Project. These design consulting services will take place at the Mother Teresa Hospital, Tirana, Albania.

The Government of Albania working with its development partners, including UNOPS and the World Bank, is implementing the Albania Emergency COVID-19 Response Project intended to alleviate the intensity of the current crisis and the resulting demand on supplies by strengthening the capacities of the health sector, especially with respect to the provision of the critical testing and treatment equipment, and the necessary health infrastructure.

The Project output is an enhanced operational capacity of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection through the provision of specific equipment and supplies and expansion/renovation of medical facilities at the Infectious Disease Clinic in Mother Teresa Hospital and Public Health Institute.

Alb-Architect L.L.C & ACTI L.L.C will provide Consultancy for Design Services for this project, simultaneously this will be the first project of Alb-Architect to be implemented in Albania.

The main objective of the requested services is to provide UNOPS and the project stakeholders two Lots with Consultancy Services.

Design Consultancy services for Mother Teresa Hospital in Tirana, intermediate concept design and fully functioning final design solution for the rehabilitation of the existing building of the Infectious Disease Clinic. Supervision assistance capacity to ensure that the construction works are made up to standards, specifications and drawings.

Design Consultancy services for Public Health Institute in Tirana providing a Master Plan for the complete campus with a vision for the coming decades how the Public Health campus will be advancing its services to the population.

Alb-Architect and ACTI during this project will maintain quality control records of all internal reviews/checks as well as building surveys / inspections and tests performed onsite, these records shall include factual evidence that the required building survey / inspections or tests have been performed, including the type and number of building surveys / inspections or tests involved; results of building surveys / inspections or tests; nature of defects, deviations, causes for rejection, proposed remedial action and corrective actions taken.                              

Moreover, Alb-Architect as the design consultant shall ensure that the final design solution addresses all aspect of the UNOPS police for Sustainable Infrastructure and the Organizational Directive No.40, wherein UNOPS endeavors to design and implement infrastructure project in a manner that respects the principle of social and environmental responsibility and sustainability, including preventing or mitigating adverse impacts on the environment and identifying opportunities for improvement environment performance.